Foreign Language

French III (Advanced) (5130A) —1 credit (Prerequisites: French II) The focus of the French III class will be to develop the ability to produce short conversations and narratives spontaneously and to learn grammar that will improve speaking and writing. A variety of opportunities will be provided for oral activities on personal, leisure, and current events topics. The reading vocabulary will be broadened through the use of recreational readings and other formal and informal sources; particular emphasis on the importance of contextual guessing will be used. Writing will focus mostly on the areas of personal classroom experiences with special stress on the development of increased control of the basic constructions and inflections.

Spanish I (5510) –1 credit (Prerequisites: Recommended “C” in English) Spanish I is a study of the Spanish language, which gives primary emphasis to the oral aspects of the language, both understanding and speaking. Included in class activities are dialogues, oral and written exercises, study of basic grammatical structures, readings, singing, dancing, cultural films, projects, games, and daily conversations in Spanish. Oral presentations are done frequently and are a major part of the class grade.

Spanish II (5520) —1 credit (Prerequisites: Recommended “C” in Spanish I) the focus on Spanish II is on refining pronunciation and demonstrating a greater ability to communicate in Spanish. Included in classroom activities are dialogues, oral and written activities, study of more complicated grammatical structures, readings, singing, dancing, cultural films, projects, games, 
and a continuing emphasis on daily conversations.

Spanish III (Advanced) (5530A) —1 credit (Prerequisites: Recommended “C”in Spanish II; offered in Grades 10-12) Spanish III is a continuous building of vocabulary and grammatical structures. Focus is on oral presentations and directed student interaction, e.g., dialogues, skits, discussions, interviews, and summaries. Students are expected to use Spanish almost exclusively in classroom conversation.

Spanish IV (Honors) (5540H) 1 credit (Prerequisites: Recommended “C” in Spanish III; offered in Grades 11-12; passing score on a placement test administered by Patrick Henry Community College. Students selecting to receive dual enrollment credits will earn 8 college credits for SPA 101 and SPA 102 if they pass this course with a “C” or better.) Spanish IV is a continuous building of vocabulary and grammatical structures through conversations, readings, and writings in the language. Students are expected to make acceptable and exclusive use of Spanish in classroom communication.

Spanish V (Honors) (5550H) —1 credit (Prerequisites: Recommended “C” in Spanish IV; passing score on a placement test administered by Patrick Henry Community College. Students selecting to receive dual enrollment credits will earn 8 college credits for SPA 201 and SPA 202 if they pass this course with a “C” or better. Students may be eligible to take the AP Exam upon successful completion of this course.)Spanish V is designed to increase the student’s ability to comprehend and to use formal and informal spoken Spanish. Students are required to use 
Spanish exclusively in classroom communication. Course content includes formal and informal oral presentations, advanced grammar, short stories, Hispanic civilization and culture and the study of selected Spanish literary classics. Practice for the Advanced Placement Spanish Language Exam is given at various times during the course.


English as a Second Language I—IV (5710, 5720, 5730, 5731)- 1 credit each (Prerequisites—LEP Plan) This progression of courses is designed for the non-English speaking student or the Limited English Proficiency learner. These courses include vocabulary in context and provide practice, exercises in the basic skills necessary for success with particular emphasis in academic subjects. Students may enroll in these classes each year until they have achieved basic fluency in English. Some instruction in the native language is also provided.
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